Wedding Speech – Translation Project

When two cultures collide in the beautiful ceremony of marriage, families need to find new ways to interact with each other. This can be difficult when you don’t speak your new family members’ language. Luckily, getting your feelings across can be made easier with the help of a soulful translation, which really reflects the emotions you want to describe.

I have translated a few wedding speeches over the years, and most have been about welcoming new cultures. Here is an excerpt from a very sweet wedding speech, translated from German into English:

Liebes Brautpaar, Eltern, Geschwister und Freunde,

es ist phänomenal, dass wir alle heute hier aus verschiedenen Ländern und Kontinenten dieser Welt zusammengefunden haben, um dieses Ereignis der deutsch-amerikanisch bzw iranischen Hochzeit zu erleben.

Wie wohl jeder hier weiss, bin ich die Mutter des Bräutigams, meinem lieben Till, der als er geboren war das kostbarste für mich war. Das unser damals hellblonder Lockenschopf, der mit 12 Jahren Robbie Williams imitierte, mal in die grosse Welt wollte, war schon früh klar.

Erst sollte es für ein Auslandssemester Südafrika sein wo der Papa schon als junger Referendar war, dann doch vielleicht Neuseeland und letztendlich Amerika. Colorado sollte es sein.

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And here is the translated text in English:

Dear bridal couple, parents, siblings, and friends,

It is truly phenomenal that we have all gathered here today from different countries and continents to experience this German-American or Iranian wedding.

As everyone here knows, I am the mother of the groom, my dear Till, who was the most precious thing in my life since the day he was born. It was clear from early on that our light blond curly-haired son, who perfectly imitated Robbie Williams at the age of 12, wanted to go into the great big world.

At first, he wanted to go for a semester abroad in South Africa where his dad had trained to be a lawyer, then he decided for New Zealand , but finally landed on America. It was meant to be Colorado.

Welcome your new family members into the group! Have your speeches translated so that new family can feel at home with you.

You can rely on the translators at Geres Translations to provide a heartfelt translation that conveys all the emotions and wishes in your speech.

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