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The current state of the world has sparked some revolutionary scientific work. The most important part of publishing your research is to make sure as many people as possible will read it. I recently translated a very interesting study on how many people continue to go to work despite being sick and explores the reasons why based on empirical evidence.

Here is a short extract from the Abstract of the study and my translation of it into English:

In der aktuellen Pandemie-Zeit wird für jeden Einzelnen immer deutlicher, dass unsere Gesundheit einen der wichtigsten Stellenwerte in unserem Leben hat. Viele Arbeitgeber haben bereits gesundheitsförderliche Maßnahmen im Unternehmen implementiert und werden mit großer Wahrscheinlichkeit gerade nach dieser Krisenzeit den Fokus wieder vermehrt auf den Arbeitnehmer als „kostbarstes Gut“ legen. Die vorliegende Thesis beschäftigt sich mit dem Thema Arbeiten trotz Krankheit

During this current pandemic, it is becoming increasingly clear to everyone that our health is one of the most important values in our lives. Many employers have already implemented health-promoting measures within the company and will, in all probability, especially after this time of crisis, increasingly focus on the employee as the «most valuable asset» again. This thesis deals with the topic of working despite being ill.

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