Project Spotlight: Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is a free-to-play, open-world, action RPG developed by Hotta Studio and published by Tencent Games. The game is set in the far future on the extraterrestrial planet «Aida», contaminated with a mysterious but potent radioactive energy called Omnium after a cataclysm that nearly wiped out human civilization and mutated the ecology of the planet. The player is a wanderer that explores the world and fights mutant creatures and hostile forces as they advance through the story.

At Tencent Games, I support the German localization of this game alongside my excellent and proficient team of German experts. The content that brought me the most joy to localize was the weapon and skill names. One major advantage of gaming localization is your ability, as a linguist, to deviate from the source text to create original and unique content for your target culture. Some of my favourite weapons are Die Breitseite (Pummeler) and Flammenchaos (Flaming Revolver). I also provided additional translations of characters, items, and skill descriptions, as well as social media and web content. With over 3 million active players worldwide, I’m sure my work on this project won’t stop any time soon!

Throughout supporting this project alongside my trusted team of German experts, I performed the following tasks:

    • Localization (estimated wordcount: 200k)
    • Proofreading (estimated wordcount: 500k)
    • Translation quality evaluations of tasks assigned to third-party vendors
    • Localization quality analysis both in text and in-game
    • Bug fixing and quality analysis
    • Art asset checks for social media and web content

The German localization has received some of the best feedback from the community and steadily continues to climb up the list of the most downloaded mobile games in Germany.

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Happy gaming 😀

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