Project Spotlight: Arena of Valor

Arena of Valor is a multiplayer online battle arena game designed by Level Infinite. Players will are assigned to two different teams, similar to League of Legends. Whoever destroys the base of the opposing side first emerges victorious. In order to destroy the enemy’s base, players have to manage the hero they selected, fight against the opponents, and take down all the Defense Towers in at least one of the three paths. AoV’s classic 5V5 mode allows you to show off your excellent skills as well as explore the strategies as a team. AoV is a highly competitive game that also hosts several eSports tournaments across the globe.

Arena of Valor is available on mobile devices (iOS & Android) and on the Nintendo Switch.

Arena of Valor was the very first game I worked on when I joined Tencent Games’ team of localization experts. Although the German translation of this game was already in full swing, I was able to easily integrate myself into the project and provide first-class localizations for game features such as new modes, character backgrounds, and social media content.

While I worked on this project, I was able to provide high-quality localization for special collaborations with DC (I’m a huge Batman fan!), Bleach, and Demon Slayer.

Throughout supporting this project alongside my trusted team of German experts, I performed the following tasks:

    • Localization (estimated wordcount: 100k)
    • Proofreading (estimated wordcount: 300k)
    • Translation memory management and clean-up
    • Termbase management
    • Translation quality evaluations of tasks assigned to third-party vendors
    • Localization quality analysis both in text and in-game
    • Bug fixing and quality analysis

Community feedback on the German localization was surprisingly good! Several German content creators enjoyed showing off their AoV skills to thousands of viewers. Here’s a great example from Arena of Valor in German in action:

Due to budget reductions, all German localization was ,halted for this project around June 2022. Nevertheless, in its heyday, Arena of Valor was downloaded over 2 million times in Germany alone, hinting at the active German player base.

But don’t fret! A new MOBA from Tencent Games is on the way for eager German players. Keep an eye on this website and my LinkedIn page to be in the know.

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