Mental Training by Roland Kalt

More than a book, Mental Training is a door to soul-searching and creating faith in oneself, a portal for rebirth.

It is a compilation of practices that will guide you to discover the power of your mind, to modify your environment and vibrate in harmony with the universe.

This book breaks conventional self-help schemes because it teaches you to transcend conscious thought through proven exercises. These exercises allow you to connect with your fears, to overcome them and to project your positive side, which you may not have tapped into before.

Mental Training is a guidebook which shows you that well-being lies within your reach. This is made possible by activating, developing, and focusing your ability to think assertively and to be happy in the here and now.

mental training acknowledgements

I frequently scan Facebook groups that I am a part of for posts or comments in which people seek a translator. When I answered Kalt’s ad I had no idea it would be for such a big project.

Roland Kalt is a specialist in energy fields and the practice of mental-transformation through truly understanding yourself and applying assertive thinking. He has been helping people for over 30 years, and he has finally decided to give his knowledge to the world in his first book.

While I translated Mental Training from it’s original South America Spanish into American English, I learned a great deal about positive thinking and steering clear of negative emotions. While you don’t have to apply all facets of this book to your life, there are many simple techniques that can seriously improve your day-to-day life. I know that I’ve become a more positive person just from translating the book.

Not to mention the big help my editor and friend, Taylor Presley, was. Taylor has an infinite amount of patience and polished my text to absolute perfection. I can’t wait to work with her again!

Mental Training has been my entry to the literary translation world, and I can’t wait to explore this field further and dedicate myself to translating more books in the future.

Kalt has offices in Bogotá and Barcelona, and you can find all of his information and ways to contact him on his website.

His second book, Mind and Body, is already out in Spanish, and will be available in English very soon!

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