Love Dolls – Translation Project

When we talk about literary translations, we encompass several different areas under this umbrella. When I mention that I specialize in literary works, most people assume I translate books. And, although that assumption isn’t wrong, book translations don’t actually take up most of my time. I dedicate much more time to blog posts and other written content. For several months now, I have been working with a large German sex doll retailer. This retailer imports sex dolls and toys from some of the most reputable Chinese manufacturers and sells them on their online platform. I have been working closely with this retailer, in particular, to localize product descriptions for their English market.

You can find a short extract from one of the product descriptions below:

Die süße Love Doll Kiko hat gerade ihr Abitur bestanden. Ihre Eltern haben ihr, dank ihres guten Abschlusses, eine Weltreise geschenkt. Auf der Weltreise möchte die zauberhafte Sexpuppe Land und Leute kennenlernen. Vor allem an den Männern, die ihr begegnen werden, ist sie interessiert.

Kiko hatte erst zweimal S*x mit unterschiedlichen Männern, die sie aber beide nicht sonderlich zufriedengestellt haben. Immerhin haben sie es geschafft, dass die Real Doll ständig an S*x denkt und noch viele Sexabenteuer auf ihrer Weltreise erleben will. Besonders freut sie sich darauf, einem Mann zu begegnen, der ihr beibringt, wie man richtig Schw*nze bläst.

The cute Love Doll Kiko just graduated from high school. Thanks to her good grades, her parents gave her a trip around the world as a graduation present. On her trip around the world, the enchanting s*x doll wants to explore the countries and their people. Above all, she is interested in the men she will meet.

Kiko has only had s*x twice with different men, neither of which satisfied to her standard. At least they managed to make the Real Doll think about s*x all the time and want to have many more sexual adventures on her world tour. She is especially looking forward to meeting a man who will teach her how to suck c*ck properly.

This is just a small taste of the content I have been providing for this particular company. In the erotic genre, I have also translated erotic novels, chat templates for erotic chat platforms, and many detailed sex toy descriptions.

If you need your erotic text translated by someone with proven experience and the utmost discretion, Geres Translation is your best bet! Get in touch and receive your free quote today.

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