Hair and Make-Up Academy – Translation Project

We don’t just focus on video games and literary works at Geres Translations! Thanks to our wide-reaching knowledge, we can accurately translate texts from many different fields. Luccia is especially passionate about the beauty world and has been able to put her expertise to the test with this recent project. A German beauty and cosmetology school recently tasked Luccia with translating one of their TV and Film Make-Up and Hair courses. The course involved theoretical text as well as multiple option tests for their students. A short excerpt from this project can be found below:

HD-Make-up sind spezielle Make-up-Linien, die den besonderen Anforderungen der HD-Technologie entsprechen. Die Foundation verschmilzt förmlich mit der Haut und gewährt trotzdem eine gute Deckkraft. Anders als bei anderen Foundations liegt sie nicht auf der Haut auf. Die mikrofeinen Puderpartikel sind auf der Haut so gut wie unsichtbar. Auch das spezielle HD-Puder ist mikrofein in der Körnung. Er mattiert unsichtbar die Foundation.

HD make-up is a special make-up range that meets the requirements of HD technology. The foundation literally melts into the skin but still provides good coverage. It doesn’t just lay on top of the skin, unlike other foundations. The micro-fine powder particles are virtually invisible on the skin. The special HD powder is also micro-fine in grain size. It invisibly mattifies the foundation.

The beauty and hair world pretty much speaks its own language. You need a translator who is familiar with the lingo to provide a first-class text in a foreign language. Get in touch with us at Geres Translations today to see how we can help you reach a wider audience with your make-up and hair products, marketing material, or courses!

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